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What is Pennyseed?

PennySeed is a crowdfunding platform where the funding goal is divided by the number of pledgers.

For instance, if you ask for $1,000 and reach 500 pledgers, then each pays $2. However, if 1,000 people pledge, then each pays only $1.

Campaigns require a deadline and a minimum number of pledgers - that way people know the maximum possible pledge amount (funding goal) / (minimum number of pledgers).

You can check out our Campaign Calculator to see how much pledgers would pay given the funding goal and number of pledgers

Payments are done via Stripe, and pledge amounts include the Stripe processing fees (2.9% + $0.30) so the campaigner gets exactly how much they ask for. (so instead of paying $1 you'll actually be paying $1.34, which will be $1.00 after the $0.34 processing fee)

This project is hosted on Replit and its source code is available here.

For more information check out faq.