Privacy Policy

User Data

We store the following data on Supabase's database:

  • Your email address so you can sign in, receive pledge receipts, as well as optionally receive campaign updates (which is disabled by default, you'd need to opt-in to receive emails)
  • Stripe customer information, so you can make payments to campaigns
  • Stripe account information, so you can receive payments for your campaigns
  • campaigns you've created
  • campaigns you've pledged to

We only use this information to make this site work, and we don't share it with any third parties (including people whose campaigns you've pledged to, or people who pledged to your campaigns)

Deleting your Account

When you delete your account we delete all of the information listed above as we perform the following:

  • delete your user data stored in our database, including your email
  • delete your stripe customer data (which stores card information for making payments)
  • delete your stripe account data (which stores card/bank info for receiving payments)
  • deletes all campaigns you've created (and cancels any pending campaigns). It does not refund any payments you've received from successful campaigns you've created in the past.
  • deletes all pledges you've created (and cancels any pledges for any pending campaigns). It does not refund any payments you've made to successful campaigns you've pledged to in the past.